Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Morning Market Review


Trend Analysis

S&P 500
Primary Trend = UP
Intermediate Trend = UP
Short-term Trend = UP

NOTE: I’m simply using the indices’ relations to their 200, 50 and 10-day moving averages to tell me the long, intermediate and short-term trends, respectively.

Richard Russell’s PTI = BULLISH

Facts & Interesting Items
· U.S. Stocks Have Biggest September Gain Since 1998 on Rate Cut
· The S&P 500 gained for the 5th straight quarter

The Bottom Line
The Fed helped stocks with a .50% rate cut in September. Since then, stocks have clearly been trending up. How will Q4 unfold? I only wish I knew! However, at the moment the market is clearly in a bullish trend and this market is favoring the large cap blue chip stocks. The DJIA is only 0.7% below its record close of 14000.41 set on July 19th. This should be an interesting week as we watch and see if the DJIA will break through and hold above the 14000 level.

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